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Anything Is Possible 😵

I'm selling my house, so I hired a home stager to make sure it looked just right. The first thing the

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August 29 · Issue #72 · View online
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I’m selling my house, so I hired a home stager to make sure it looked just right. The first thing they want you to do is take down anything personal. They call it decluttering, I call home neutering.
It’s so people who might buy your home can imagine themselves in it without the disruption of having to think about who actually still lives there. No need to smear yourself over their new home fantasies.
Fine by me, buyers who fall in love pay more and get to closing. My favorite kind.
My house now looks like a hotel where you aren’t allowed to put anything down. Gone are the Marijuana Girl (she traded her body for kicks!) posters, weird vintage chairs, and naked lady art. Basically, all the fun stuff.
On the plus side, it’s gorgeous. It’s not me, but that’s the point. There are no shoes laying about, or a bed full of books. I wandered from room to room, taking in the wonders of staging.
The record scratched when I got to this.

I have an allergy to banal sayings I forgot to mention.
It’s placed in my bathroom facing directly across from the toilet. I guess the can is as good a place as any to be inspired. Or, handy if one feels suddenly nauseous.
The lack of a comma between ‘today’ and 'anything’ irks me. Call me old school, but there is no such thing as an artful missing comma. It makes me place the comma back in when I read it, which is a lot to ask of anyone on the toilet.
Is anything really possible? I could find a monkey, or lose my leg. Maybe meet my missing twin who would also laugh too loud, and have piles of books everywhere.
I resigned myself to leaving it up. I hired a pro, they think it should be there along with untouched, white towels in every room. It’s strangely helpful to have these foreign things around to start disengaging from the house and looking ahead.
And, who knows? Today <comma> anything is possible. I’m crossing my fingers for the monkey.

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